At Durabond, we are always on the look out for the best cleaning tips and practices. We are eager to pass on any information that is of value. See what The Janitorial Store has to say in regards to common floor mistakes:

Well-maintained floors project a professional image, which is likely very important to most of your clients. Clean floors also reduce the risk of accidents, have fewer slips, trips, & falls, and can save your clients money.

Keeping hard floors from deteriorating quickly requires more than a quick mopping with soapy water when there’s visible dirt. And without proper training, your crews can cause major damage to hard floors.


Common Floor Care Mistakes

Common Floor Care Mistakes


Increase the effectiveness of your hard floor maintenance by avoiding these common floor care mistakes:


1. Failing to prepare

It’s important to sweep up excess dirt, dust, and debris before introducing water to a floor. It sounds simple, but untrained or hurried janitors may skip this basic step.

Without dust mopping first, machinery can re-spread the existing dirt and create more mess than they clean. It also makes your equipment dirty, adding more cleanup to the janitor’s workload. Plus, the machine can grind that dirt into the surface and cause scratches in the floor finish.

Lesson: Train your staff to properly remove dust before cleaning floors (this should include around the edges of a room and in corners, which may require an an