Keeping Your Cleaning Customers Happy

Durabond always strives to ensure all customer needs are met and satisfied, and that our customers are happy with our services - it is our number one priority!. Recently, The Janitorial Store has put together crucial ways keep cleaning customers happy: The relationship with cleaning clients is a lot like a marriage. After dating [...]

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Common Floor Care Mistakes

At Durabond, we are always on the look out for the best cleaning tips and practices. We are eager to pass on any information that is of value. See what The Janitorial Store has to say in regards to common floor mistakes: Well-maintained floors project a professional image, which is likely very important to [...]

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Coronavirus Re-Opening Guide

How does a business re-open? It's been months since many businesses have had to 'close shop' because of coronavirus. Now, how do they re-open properly, safely and in compliance with regulations? Below is a link to the CDC's guidance article on re-opening. And to ensure your business is clean and safe for customers and employees, [...]

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Our core philosophies and principles guide how Durabond operates as an organization. We take pride in our quality of service and dedication to our clients and their individual needs. Mission: Provide the highest level of cleanliness to all commercial buildings. Values: We are committed to every person who is linked to the organizations we service. [...]

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Working with contractors

Everybody has a story about working with contractors, so do we! Durabond participated in this video a few years ago, please enjoy!

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