At Durabond, we have built our company on the simple idea that our customers can tell how much we care. We don’t ever think there’s such a thing as “just another office,” or “just another day,” and the businesses and organizations who work with us seem to agree.

Building maintenance in Toronto is about more than a simple list of services – at Durabond, we know that you don’t just need a team that cleans thoroughly, but also one that would treat your property like it was their own. Luckily, precision and attention to detail are at the heart of everything we do, and have been since we were first founded nearly three decades ago.

Servicing Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. Book directly on the following link: DuraClean Residential Cleaning

For commercial and high traffic carpeted areas, we use rotary extraction deep steam cleaning, the most through method of carpet cleaning.  

You can depend on Durabond’s deep carpet shampoo method to bring life back to your heavily soiled carpets: removing dirt and odours and leaving behind a light fresh scent.  

Our pile brush works on both a sweeping and a vacuum action. The 4.5-inch brush gets down to the base of the carpet fibers to break-up and remove caked, embedded soils and dry particulate matter. 

Durabond provides the best floor care in the area. Our “wet-look” floor system will amaze you. We use high solids (20%) non-yellowing, extremely durable floor wax. It is a low odor formulation thereby can be used in hospitals, nursing homes or other confined quarter. It is self-leveling and applies very nicely with no bubbling. A typical application on new or freshly stripped floors would be 5 to 6 thins coats for best results. We guarantee the brilliant shine will amaze you.  

Being in business for better than thirty years allows Durabond to purchase a wide array of supplies at a lower rate which we can pass on to our customers. If requested, Durabond can also take charge of ordering and delivery, making one less thing for you to worry about.

Our handyman service is perfect for taking care of those more challenging tasks around your facility; such as drywall repair, painting, light electrical/plumbing work, dispenser replacement and much more.  

Call our 24-hour emergency hotline to have our crew handle your flood clean-up.

New to Durabond is our vapor steam cleaning services. Vapor cleaning is a chemical-free alternative for cleaning and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms. Combining a superior steam temperature and variable pressure control with the practicality of a continuous use automatic refill steam cleaner, this is a perfect environmentally friendly choice for daily commercial use. 

Effectively sanitizing a GMP environment requires that your cleaning staff complies with GMP principles and clean room regulations Durabond’s experienced cleaning and disinfection team follows clean room protocol to the letter.  

Let Durabond custom order and maintain your office floor mats 

Whether it’s a new building or a renovation of your existing facility, our post-construction cleaning will take care of the dirt, dust and debris. 

During an influenza breakout or pandemic, through cleaning of touchable surfaces becomes of the utmost importance. Viruses can live on surfaces long enough that they can be picked up by humans and infect a great number of people. With proper cleaning techniques and disinfectants these will make surfaces safe.  

Having a day porter ensures that your business will maintain that the constant clean look all day long.  This is perfect for high traffic areas such as washrooms, kitchens, boardrooms and reception. 

Durabond can provide you with professional painting services for your facility. Let us help make your office look its best. Whether it’s the entire building, an individual department or just a touch-up, we will ensure that the work is done quickly and within your budget. Durabond hires only experienced painters so you can look forward to a beautiful finish and a spotless worksite.  

Durabond can provide you with a wide range of waste removal services. From individual waste receptacles to full size bin removal, let Durabond take care or your waste management needs.  

Along with our waste management services, Durabond can also provide your facility with a recycling program that is not only good for business, but good for the environment as well. Durabond can also be responsible for the removal of your recycling as well. 

Durabond can offer your company full power seeping services for your shop, warehouse, or parking areas.  

Durabond can also provide you with light construction services. This is ideal for when you need something on a larger scale. This would include; wall frame construction, wood trim, and floor tile replacement.  

We office the highest level of professional window cleaning for both interior and exterior of your building; with a drip and streak-free guarantee! 

Part of our building maintenance services includes light bulb replacement. No matter the type, size or location, Durabond can take charge of both the ordering and installing of your light bulbs.  

Durabond provides power washing services for factories, plants, warehouses, shopping centers, strip malls, restaurants, new construction, commercial buildings, and residential/condominium projects. Our high-pressure power washers can clean all surfaces including masonry, vinyl canopies, dumpster’s and windows, as well as high traffic areas like drive –through lanes, Store fronts and sidewalks, exhaust, dirt and grime from building surfaces.  

The build-up of sand, salt and debris will not only look unsightly, it will also cause premature deterioration of your parking area or garage. For this problem we utilize industrial grade floor sweeping equipment to provide a low-cost maintenance solution for our clients. We can weep any surface quickly and safely with minimal disruptions to day to day operations of your facility.  

Durabond offers pre and post-cleaning for all of your special events. Simply call our toll free, 24hour hot line and lets us know when you need us.  

Having a day porter ensures that your business will maintain that constant clean look all day long. This service is perfect for high traffic areas such as washrooms, kitchens, boardrooms and reception.  

Daily washroom maintenance cleaning procedures do not always remove the build-up of bacterial growth, hard water deposits and scale. Regular deep cleaning ensures a healthy environment for both employees and clients and helps eliminate odour problems, as cleaning is achieved in areas not normally accessible.

Durabond’s Washroom Hygiene Program is able to offer a Deep Clean Service which is an intensive, heavy-duty clean using specialized chemical, focusing on toilets, urinals, showers, baths, hand basins, washbasins, gullies, channels and drains, walls and floors. 

Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.